Primates Conservation


Some Project Photographs

1. BPC President, BPC CEO and members of staff of BPC

2. BPC President, Dr. Clement Ebin in company of stakeholders during the inspection of the Department of Forestry and Natural Environmental Management Arboretum, at the University of Uyo, Nigeria to assess its potentials as a seed bank/source for the nursery project at Itam (L-R) Pastor Ebuot Uko, Mr. Etigale Egor, Dr. Isidor Akpan-Ebe (former Commissioner of Environment, Akwa Ibom State), Dr. Clement Ebin, Mr. Pius Owo, Mr. Idongesit Etuk, and Mr. Ikpongke Nkanta (Director, Tropical Research and Conservation Center, Uyo).

3. BPC CEO, Dr. Edem Eniang (in white caftan) introduces community members to seedlings in the nursery during project inauguration.

4. BPC CEO (Dr. Edem Eniang) assisting the village head of ObongItam to plant a tree during the inauguration ceremony, while BPC President, Dr. Ebin looks on.

5. A collection of Hura species growing on the germination bed of BPC nursery.

6. Children are the future. Tree planting for the future.

7. A collection of Anacadiumoccidentales growing on the germination bed of BPC nursery.

8. BPC members with Council of Chiefs.

9. BPC President, Dr. Ebin inspecting a collection of Dycroidesedulis seedlings in the BPC nursery.


Some Project Photographs

1. The organization’s sign post in the host community, one of which was pull down by an unknown person(s)

2. The Village Head of Obong Itam (Elder Ete-Idung Ekop Nna making his speech during the award ceremony.

3. One of the award recipient (Elder Ete-Idung Ekop Nna) being presented with an award by the Chairman of the Occasion Obong Solomon Ekong Umoren (JP).

4. Chairman of the Occasion Obong Solomon Umoren (JP) making the opening speech of the occasion

5. A cross section of the community chiefs present during the award presentation ceremony

6. The completed building by Dr. Akang awaiting commissioning

7. Seedlings of Treculiaafricana at the organizations nursery awaiting transplants.

8. Dr. Akang commissioning the building he donated to the community.

9. A cross section of children during the award ceremony.